BREAKING NEWS: Fa-Bray is Fa-Gay

That’s right, McKinley students. We spent so much time focusing our attention on Quinn Fabray's wide-lipped boyfriend's sexuality that we didn't think twice about looking at the girl on his arm. In a heated (hawt) argument earlier today in the halls of our very own school, Baby Momma’s supposed best friend Santana Lopez let the pussy out of the bag: Quinn’s got a thing for the chicks. She ran out as soon as Satan opened those naughty lips of hers and we haven’t seen her since, but I received a text from her a while after the incident.

It’s not that surprising really, we suppose. We’ve all seen the looks she’s been giving Rachel Berry since freshman year, and come on, did she really expect us to believe those Berry porno doodles on the walls were done by anyone other than her?

Still, we can’t help but wonder what Trouty Mouth has to say about this recent discovery. Did he already know, or was she using him just like she’s used all of her past boyfriends? 

Either way, one thing’s for sure — we’re not going to be catching them in the act again any time soon. 

You heard it here.